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Drink Drive Markers (12823_17)


The request is specific to your police force and regards the application by police of `markers’ to the cars of drink drive suspects/convicts.


By `markers’ I mean pieces of intelligence to do with different types of crime.


As far as I understand it, these markers mean that if a suspect¿s car has previously been linked to a crime, this will be flagged to officers via the police force’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system or from officers manually submitting registration plate details into a force’s database.


My questions are:


  1. Are these markers attached to the cars themselves, or to their registered keepers?


  1. Do police forces attach markers to cars whose registered keepers have previously provided a positive breath sample for driving with excess alcohol in their system, and/or who have been convicted for this offence?


  1. If the markers are attached to cars instead of their keepers, do police forces have any method of removing these markers once a car has been sold by its previous owner?


  1. Assuming markers are attached to drink drive suspects’ and convicts’ cars, how many drink driver markers does your force currently have active?



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