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Domestic Violence (5474_14)


I have previously received information on the number of incidents of domestic violence and now would like to request the same for the period April 2013- March 2014. I would like the number of reported incidents of domestic violence by Neighbourhood and LPU broken down by quarter or month.  In addition, if possible within the time/cost constraints of the FOI Act, I would also like this broken down further by SOA if available.

I am particularly interested in the number of individuals involved and so ideally I would like to know the number of individuals reporting incidents of domestic violence so that I can ascertain whether there are a few individuals reporting many incidents or the opposite.


Please find attached our response (5474_Attachment_01). Note that there are two tabs on the excel document. We have provided you with the count of recorded domestic abuse incidents and the count of victims of domestic abuse incidents as recorded by our systems.