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Domestic Violence (5368_14)


Could you please provide me with the following information covering the period 01/01/14 – 30/06/14:

  1. Total number of domestic violence incidents dealt with by West Midlands Police ?
  2. Total number of DVPO issued ?
  3. Total number of DVPN issued ?
  4. Total number of WAM referrals made ?


Please find below our response.

1) Between 01/01/2014 and 30/06/2014 West Midlands Police recorded 8,052 recordable crimes with a Domestic Violence Offence type marker.  We also recorded 15,252 Domestic Violence Non-Crime Incidents.

2 and 3) The answer is zero, as this system did not go live in this force area until 30/06/2014.

4) We do not yet have any WAM referrals.


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