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Domestic abuse(5204/18)




1. The number of reports of domestic abuse-related incidents and domestic abuse-related offences (also known as domestic violence) that have been received by your force’s Professional Standards Department (or otherwise named) from 12th April 2015 to 11th April 2018.

2. Whatever name/category your Professional Standards Dept assigned to each report.

3. The specific incident(s) or offence(s) alleged in each report.

4. The outcome(s) of each report.

5. Whether each report was referred to the IOPC (formerly known as the IPCC).

6. Your policies and procedures relating to:

domestic abuse in general, committed by any perpetrator and dealt with by the police

domestic abuse incidents/offences where the police are perpetrators or victims


I can confirm that some relevant information is held by West Midlands Police (see attached; 5204_18_attachment_01.pdf, Domestic_Abuse_Policy_redacted.pdf). However, I am withholding:

a) Information for question 3 by virtue of Section 40(2) – Personal information

b) Sections of the Domestic Abuse Policy by virtue of Section 31(1)(a)(b) – Law enforcement

c) The names of five individuals contained within the Version History of the Domestic Abuse Policy by virtue of Section 40(2) – Personal information

These exemptions and explanatory notes are shown here:

Section 40(2) allows for personal data to be withheld where release would breach the third party’s data protection rights. It would be unfair to release this information where any person could be identified from the data and in this case the right to privacy outweighs any public interest in release.

In line with Section 31 above, I am required to complete a Prejudice Test/Public Interest Test (PIT) on disclosure. Please find this PIT attached (5204_18_PIT.pdf).