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Dogs Tasered (4256_13)


Under the freedom of information act I’d like to know on how many occasions in 2010, 2011 and 2012 tasers were used on animals. As the number of incidents are likely to be low I’d also like to know the circumstances of each incident, what animal was involved and what happened to the animal.


2010 = No records held





2011 Rottweiler Dog Police officer dealing with Rottweiler dog standing in middle of road causing traffic to halt. Officer approached dog; ‘red dotted’ the animal due to its aggressive behaviour; Taser not discharged. No injury: Taser not discharged; Red Dot only. Dog recovered by owners, no injuries
  3 Boxer Dogs 3 Boxers attacked & injured male pedestrian and attacked a Greyhound dog causing minor injuries I dog Tasered twice & ran off. All 3 dogs later captured and taken to dog pound. No apparent injuries to dogs
2012 Rottweiler Dog Police officers attending report of domestic violence were threatened by male with Rottweiler Dog Dog Tasered by Authorised Taser Officer (ATO) and restrained. No injuries.Dog put on a lead and returned to premises
  2 German Shepherd Dogs Reports of two German Shepherd Dogs near Park being aggressive to passers by. Dog Warden called; dogs confined to a garden at a house and both dogs Tasered to enable dog warden to lasso both dogs. No injuries to persons or dogs. Dogs were removed to dog pound by warden.
  Japanese Akita Dog Police called to a report of two dogs fighting (Akita & Pit Bull) Both separated by ATO officers, however the Akita sighted and went for a Rottweiler and was Tasered. Dog restrained by Police dog handlers and removed to kennels. No serious injuries caused.
  Pit Bull Dog Police called to assist in restraining dog responsible for biting someone. Minor injuries to persons hand from dog bite Taser drawn but not used, animal was ‘red dotted’ only. Dog handlers managed to capture the dog and removed it to kennels.


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