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Disability Training (4947_14)


What training the police service offers to staff that support members of the public who are blind or have a visual impairment

Could this be part of a training package that would not only benefit the person who has a visual impairment , but would also offer guidance to staff with understanding how best to support the person with a visual impairment i.e. sighted guide training and wheelchair techniques


Please find our response below and attached.

I can confirm that specific disability training in this area is not strategically delivered and made mandatory to frontline police officers and staff. All serving members will have the opportunity to undergo Equality Impact Assessment training that underpins that set out within the Equality Act 2010 and therefore understand all of the protected characteristics including those with a disability.

Custody officers receive a basic level of understanding which is incorporated in the attached guidance document, ‘How to guide a visually impaired person’ but in general, should guidance be required by any officer, then contact will usually be made with a registered organisation i.e. Action for Blind People.

Should a registered blind person obtain employment with the organisation any required employee risk assessment and supporting reasonable adjustments to the individual would be undertaken. We also encourage local management to offer advice and/or signpost relevant guidance and information to its officers and staff, in order to make them as familiar and supportive of the needs of the individual e.g. this can be familiarity as to the individuals guide dog, its manner, role, and where required, voluntary ‘lunchtime’ dog walkers.


How to Guide a Visually Impaired Person v 1 0 23-12-08 (2)