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Digital Information from Devices (23133_18)


I write to request information and records under the FOIA, regarding your forces use of consent statements when requesting, accessing, analysing and disclosing personal information from complainants of sexual offences. Specifically, I am asking the following:

1.Does your force collect digital information from devices belonging to complainants of sexual offences? If yes, please provide:

I. The legal basis under which you are doing this

ii. Copies of any policy or guidance in relation to this practice

2.Does your force seek consent from complainants of sexual offences when requesting, accessing, analysing, or disclosing digital or personal information either from them or records from a third party organisation relating to them? For the avoidance of doubt, records from third party organisations includes but is not limited to medical records, counselling records, local authority records, educational records or rape crisis centre records. If yes, please provide:

i. A copy of the consent form/s or statement/s you use and require them to sign to show their consent

ii.A copy of any information provided to complainants about this process

iii.A copy of your policy or guidance in relation to this practice


Please find attached our response.

 As recommended as good practice by the Information Commissioner’s Office a version of this response may be published on the West Midlands Police website.