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Defibrillator Use (4588_14)

Request / Response

1, Please specify which Defibrillator/AED you use? Manufacturer, brand/model, quantity
Cardiac Science, PowerPoint G3 Semi Automatic and Allyn AED 10
2, Please specify where your Defibrillator/AEDs are located by department location, brand/model, quantity
The recorded information that is available is provided below

Station / Centre
Learning & Development Tally Ho!
Public Order Training Hangar – Shropshire
Tipton Police Station
Learning & Development- Smethwick
Canley Police Station- Coventry
Handsworth Police Station (Custody Suite)
Stechford Police Station (Custody Suite)
Solihull Police Station (Custody Suite)
Willenhall Police Station  (Custody Suite)
Bournville Police Station (Custody Suite)
Wolverhampton Central (Custody Suite)
Smethwick Police Station (Custody Suite)
Brierley Hill Police Station (Custody Suite)
Kings Heath Police Station (Custody Suite)
Sutton Coldfield Police Station (Custody Suite)
Bloxwich Police Station (Custody Suite)
Coventry Central Police Station (Custody Suite)
Birmingham Central (Steelhouse Lane) (Custody Suite)
Tally Ho! Sport & Social Club.
Wednesbury Front Office
Firearms buildings x 2
Police vehicles x 7

3, Over the last 5 years has any of the Defibrillator/AEDs been used? Where was it used? How many times was it used? Did this lead to a successful resuscitation/patient Outcome?
AED’s have been used on 7 occasions over the past 5 years. Patient recovery is not recorded by West Midlands Police and would need to be obtained from the ambulance service.
4, Does the service carry a Defibrillator/AED on behalf of the ambulance service and respond to suspected cardiac arrests as a co-responder? Are there any plans to?
5, Approximate age of the Defibrillator/AED by brand/model?
Approximately 3 years old
6, When are you planning on replacing devices that are over 5 years old?
We have no plans at the moment to replace the devices, at the moment we are replace consumable parts such as pads and batteries etc.
7, Do you have a contract for the supply of Defibrillator/AED who is it with and when does it expire?
8, Who is responsible for Defibrillator/AED and the training within your organisation?
Learning & Development Unit
9,  Do you have a Defibrillator/AED policy, if so please provide a copy?
There is no specific force policy