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Custody Suites (9235_17)


  1. Who is in charge of custody at West Midlands Police?


  1. Please can you provide documentation related to the rational and business case for West Midlands Police┬┐s designated and non-designated police custody suites?


  1. Do you have detention cells in your police station(s) or do you have a purpose built custody suite(s)?


  1. If you have a purpose built custody suite(s):


  1. what is it called?


  1. how many cells or detention rooms do you currently have in each?


  1. how was its building financed?


  1. do the finance arrangements regarding the custody suite mean that it is privately owned of police owned?


  1. Please provide details of who works in your custody suite(s) e.g. police custody officer, private detention officer, civilian employed by the police. Please provide the total number of each (full time equivalent please).


  1. If you do not have a purpose built custody suite(s), do you have any under construction or are there any future plans to build one, and if so how will this be financed?


  1. Have you closed any custody suites or police station cells within the last 5 years? If so please can you provide a list of these and any planned closures?


Please find attached our response