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Custody Records (13836/17)


1. Can you explain the full procedural process for the creation of a custody report? 

2. Does a person have to be arrested for a custody report to be created? 

3. What is the current format for a custody record number? 

4. How long has the current format for a custody been in use? 

5. What forms are filled out by the detainee? 

6. What is the risk assessment procedure? 

7. Are there specific records for cell logs? 

8. Where can a person be interviewed in custody? 

9. If an interview takes place in custody where are the records kept and what are they called? 

10. What forms are given to detainee upon release from custody? 

11. How are the time logs maintained? 

12. Can a custody report be created with the absence of the detainee? 

13. Can a voluntary interview create a custody report? 

14. How is a custody report number generated?  

15. What is the exact meaning of each number and letter eg which is the year, which is unique and which is sequential?  

16. What are the responsibilities of the custody sergeant? 

17. What are the responsibilities of an escort officer? 

18. Can a detainee be charged by post while in custody? 

19. What relationship or role does a custody number have with the generation of an arrest summons number? 

20. How is a custody number derived? 


Please find attached our response. Please note that the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act applies only to recorded information and we are not obliged to provide explanations or answer questions, unless those explanations or answers are already recorded. However, in order to assist, we have provided a response even where, technically, the question might not be deemed valid under the FOI Act.