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Custody Contracts (20535/18)


Freedom of Information Act Request:

Contracts for Custody Detention Officer Services

To enable HCRG to support the police with future tender responses could you please provide the following information concerning your current provision of Custody Detention Officer Services delivered within the Custodies operated by your Police Services?

1. Contract Number:

2. Current Provider:

3. Scope of Services:

4. Contract Award Date:

5. Contract Value per Annum:

6. Total Contract Award Value: Includes/Excludes Extensions (delete as applicable)

7. Contract Commencement Date:

8. Contract Duration:

9. Extensions Permitted:

10. Extensions Taken up:

11. Approximate Next Expression of Interest Release (Month):

12. Number of Custody Suites served at Contract Commencement:

13. Number/Name of Custody Suites currently served and number of officers utilised (if possible)

I.e.: 20 Cells at Plumpton, 4 Officers Friday – Monday, 3 Officers Tuesday – Thursday

a. Number of Cells per Custody 1:

b. Number of Cells per Custody 2:

c. Number of Cells per Custody 3:

d. Number of Cells per Custody 4:

14. Are other services provided under this Contract? i.e.: Prisoner Escorting, Appropriate Adult, Interpreter services, Court Detention Officers

15. Hours of Custody Detention Officer Coverage provided:  (i.e.: 24/7/365-6, 08:00 – 20:00)


Please find enclosed our response. 

The force does not externally contract for any of these services.