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Evidential Custody Chain (10020_17)


I have some fairly urgent queries, as regards to the creation process of an IDPC digital case file. 

  1. Is the `STATEMENT/EVIDENCE LIST’ page (which includes Witness Names, Statement Dates and Page ranges), automatically entered by system, or input individually by a person? 
  1. Are the associated statement dates (in the IDPC) automatically entered;

a)from the dates that appear on the actual MG11’s?

b)from the respective dates the MG11’s are uploaded to Crimescan?

c)from the dates that appear on the transcribed versions of the MG11’s?

  1. Can the first IDCP issue (v1) sent to the defence, be wholly relied upon by the defence, as an accurate account of the MG11 dates? 
  1. Can statement dates be changed retrospectively (i.e. backdating a statement), and if so would it leave a residual `tamper-proof’ audit trail? 
  1. What are the minimum requirements for evidential `chain of custody’ (`collection/ seizure’, `entry into force detained property system’, `movements or access’), of any police-gathered evidence, up until it’s exhibit at a trial? 
  1. With regards your answer to question 5, please list the essential force documents and/ or systems, that necessarily and absolutely need to mention the seized evidence (i.e. Investigator’s Book, Process Book, Evidence Officer’s Report, Crimes Portal, Holmes2, WC392, WC393, WC200, WC201, MG3, MG3A, MG5, MG6, MG12 etc). 


Please find attached our response.