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CS Gas (5408_14)


1: how often your force has used CS gas during public protests since 2013,

2: In each case, what was the reason for the spray being used – specifically including the number of times the spray was used because the target had attempted to physically attack an officer,

3: how often was the gas sprayed within one meter of the target and what were the reasons for using the spray at such close quarters,

4: In each case of the spray being used, did the police monitor the health of the target after they had been sprayed – and for how long

5: In each case of the spray being used, what were the health consequences for the target

6: how many official complaints were made regarding the use of the CS spray and what were the outcomes of those complaints?


I am writing to inform you that we have searched our incident logs regarding protests and none mention the use of CS gas by police. We have also spoken to our Public Order training liaison who also holds no relevant data.


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