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Crime Survey (2146_19)


I would like to know about how your Force surveys their victims of crime.


As of January 2019:


1) Does your Force still survey victims of crime?

2) What crime types (i.e. violence against the person, theft, hate crime etc) do you survey? (Feel free to just include the crime code and description if they are not categorised)

3) What questions do you ask in the survey?

4) If applicable, do you categorise the question (i.e. treatment by officers, post-investigation contact etc)?

5) On average, how many victims do you survey? (this can be across the last two years)

6) Do you survey victims who have had their crimes screened out?

7) What is your process of screening out crimes?

8) What is the current YTD score for victim satisfaction?



Please find attached our response.