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Coventry city (11010_17)


Since the beginning of 2014, has any correspondence or discussion taken place, in writing or in person, between Officers or representatives of West Midlands Police and Coventry City Football Club and/or Coventry Rugby Football Club, or people/organisations acting on behalf of those Clubs and/or the owners of those Clubs, relating to the possibility that Coventry City Football Club might play its home games at the Butts Park Arena, Butts Road, Coventry CV1 3GE?


If so, please give full details of the correspondence or discussions in question and supply copies of all letters, messages, agendas and notes or minutes of meetings and other relevant documents.


Please indicate whether the correspondence or discussion related to licensing, public safety, highways and traffic or other matters.  Please indicate the current position with those matters and indicate whether further correspondence or discussion is planned or expected to take place.


I am writing to inform you that we have searched our records and the information you requested is not held by West Midlands Police.


No attachments