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Council Meetings (2306_16)


I understand that there are regular meetings between the West Midlands Police and politicians within Sandwell and Dudley at both Ward and Constituency level.


  1. Where are these meetings publicised?


  1. Where are the minutes of these meeting published?


  1. Can Members of the public attend these meetings?


  1. Who and under what authority decides who is invited?


For both Sandwell and Dudley LPU, there are numerous formal and informal forums that both police officers and councillors attend along with other statutory agencies, the voluntary sector and members of the public.


At a Borough level there is Safe and Sound Partnership, Police & Crime Board, Safeguarding Children Board, Safeguarding Adults Board, Health & Wellbeing Board and Safety Advisory Groups.

WMP are also invited to appear before the Council’s Community Safety, Highways & Environment Scrutiny Board,   At a Ward level, WMP officers are regularly invited to Ward Committees and Councillors have open invites to Town Tasking meetings.


Minutes, terms of reference and the statutory basis for most of these meetings can be obtained from the relevant Council.  All of the meetings have either community representation or are open to the public to attend.    Outside of these formal arrangements there is considerable ad hoc communication between individual councillors and neighbourhood police officers to address neighbourhood concerns. Finally, police officers and councillors regularly attend the same community and civic events.


There are no formal meeting arrangements between Sandwell/Dudley Police and Sandwell /Dudley MPs,  Police and MPs communicate regularly to resolve individual constituent issues and to provide briefings about wider strategic issues, most of which will be by letter, email or telephone.


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