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Coronavirus Crimes (16A/20)


Could you please list all crimes logged containing the words coronavirus since the start of the year and all details contained int the report – ie where, when, what happened, who was involved.


Please be advised that the majority of the information that you have requested in relation to where, when and what crimes have occurred is provided in the two attached documents. We are not able to provide information in relation to who was involved as this is not held in an electronically searchable or retrievable format


In relation to who was involved this data is not held in an electronically retrievable format, this information will mostly be recorded as victim and offender as opposed to their status eg `shopper`, `brother`, etc. Therefore in order to try and obtain the information would require a manual review of each record (and possible associated records)

Using the time calculation of approximately 3 minutes to review each record this would equate to nearly 6 hours of work in addition to that already spent on this request. This does not exceed the time/fees limit but is still considered a disproportionate use of Police resources to assist with the FOI query. And if associated records need to be reviewed this may take considerably longer

Any relevant information retrieved may also attract other exemptions should it identify an individual/s or a specific case. This type of information would be exempt from disclosure due to Section 40 and Section 30 of the FOI Act.

Further information on section 12 of FOI is available here: