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Contact Standards (2027_15)


1. How 999 calls are handled, processed and prioritised and what criteria are used to determine whether officers are dispatched.

2. The manner and way in which routine calls should be responded to – is there an HR guide which informs staff of how they should speak to the public for example?

Could I see copies of the standards applied to the police service?

3. Procedures for dealing with all reports of crime from start to finish, i.e. whether officers have the obligation to follow up calls.

This request relates in particular to the standards and procedures relating to telephone callers and RADS in control rooms. I am referring to routine and emergency calls made to WMP.

I would like to know details such as whether officers are expected to identify themselves- when I was in service, I would always announce my rank, name, collar number and police station, recently, I’ve hard: ‘Hello, this is the Police’ when they call back.

I am also interested in the procedures for officers when responding to a report of crime or anti-social behaviour.

So, for example, if I make a call to WMP about an issue, how soon should I receive a call or home visit from my local neighbourhood officer?

When I was in service, I can recall a flow chart on the wall which gave a clear time scale and guidance for the whole process of initial contact, to criming and then following up with a courtesy call.

Are calls logged against a person’s mobile number or should I be given a log number?

I hope this is helpful, I want to know about the general process and expectation that the public can expect when contacting WMP basically.

Therefore, if I have recourse to requesting the assistance of the Police in future, I will have clear guidance on what to expect as a member of the public.

If I know clearly what to expect, I can then ascertain whether officers are following the correct procedures.

I consider all of the above to be reasonable and surely accessible to the public.


Please find attached our response.