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How we are working to keep our FOI Requests running during COVID-19

Christmas Drink (4509_14)


1.    For the December 2013 Drink Drive Campaign please advise how many motorists completed a test, how many were charged with being above the legal limit, and how many motorists were charged with failing to provide a specimen.

2. Also, for comparative purposes, please provide the same data for the December 2012 Campaign.

3.    Regarding the Crimestoppers Drink Drive reward scheme, please advise how many motorists were reported, and for each notification please advise how much reward was paid out.

4.    Whilst you are dealing with my FOI request it would be helpful if you could include an explanation as to why, apparently, if there were 363 people testing positive or failing to provide a breath specimen why were only 205 drivers charged, as I find this a bit confusing.


Please find our response attached (4509_Attachment_02).