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Chief Constable’s Uniform (4640/16)


Regarding the recent retirement of the last Chief constable,Mr Chris Sims,please confirm if he was allowed to keep his police uniform,or advise what happened to it.Please confirm how many uniforms were issued to him during his tenure as Chief Constable, and whether they were standard issue.Also please advise which,if any, police insignia were removed from the uniform, and what happened to them.Also please advise what happened to his warrant card.Also please advise what items of police issued property,such as awatch, ipad or computer,he was allowed to retain.Please advise if the new Chief Constable,Dave Thompson,was issued with a new uniform on promotion,or simply an upgrade of his old uniform with different insignia,and confirm if the uniform, if new, was standard police issue or made to measure.


Please find attached our response.