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Category: Policy and Procedures

Pursuit Policy (4463_13)

What is West Midlands Police ‘Pursuit Policy’ and what procedures do officers need to follow when deciding to pursue someone. i.e. do you have a policy where only Pursuit trained officers are authorised to take pursuit?

MHA Detentions (4552)

Therefore I would be happy to receive totals for detentions of under 18s and separate totals for all detentions (ie adults and children detentions) broken down by any section of the mental health act.

Missing Persons (4524)

Do you have dedicated Missing Person Co-ordinators (described by ACPO as people whose role it is to regularly review all missing and absent reports, and ensure that effective safeguarding practices are implemented including multi-agency strategy meetings where required)?

Email Policy (4372_13)

Would you please send me a copy (preferably via email) of the West Midlands police policy regarding police officers using police emails for personal correspondence?

Traffic Policies (3475_13)

I would be greatful if you could please release the current West Midlands Police Driver and Pursuit policies and the Driver and Pursuit policies in existence at the time of the accident on 13 June 2011.

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