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Category: Performance

Response times (4065/19)

1) For 999 calls categorised as grade/tier 1 ‘emergency’ calls (or equivalent) what was your annual:

a) Average response time

Calls for service (3560/19)

1. The number of calls for service from the public for the last 12 months (or most complete 12 month period you hold), broken down monthly for the whole of WMP area.

999/101 (21789_18)

In each of the last two financial years (16/17) and (17/18) how many calls to (a) 999 and (b) 101 were recorded as not having been answered?

999/101 Calls (16317_18)

Please state the total number of incident reports received each calendar year (monthly if available) on 999, 101 and online (separately).