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Category: Other

Officer Ages (1848_15)

Can I please make a FOI request for the following information?
– What is the age of your youngest Detective?

Contractual Information (1923_15))

I wish to submit a freedom of information request relating to the following contractual information the organisation may hold with regards to the organisation’s primary contracts relating to support services around help/service desk, desktop support and network support:

Fitness Test (1417_15)

Can you please provide a copy of the information you store relating to each of fitness tests and what the police fitness tests involve.

Staff Emergency Vehicles (1497_15)

How many civilian members of staff, as opposed to warranted police officers, have been provided with vehicles fitted with emergency response equipment (“blues and twos”).

Official Secrets Act (1146_15)

I am currently conducting research for a law book which considers the offences relating to the unauthorised disclosure of official information by Crown servants. I therefore request the following information:
1. Please disclose the number of arrests for offences under the Official Secrets
Act 1989 from the time the Act came into force until the latest available date.

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