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Caste Discrimination (5468_15)


1. For each of the five years up to 2015,  using a keyword search `caste’ in the MO notes, how many incidents related to caste or caste discrimination have been reported to your police force;


There are 15 incidents which contain ‘Caste’ in the MO notes. 12 cases relate to where it has been used as a derogatory term for people of mixed race. The other three cases follow:

2010 – Religiously Aggravated Damage-Other – altercation over the IPs daughter marrying a male of a lower caste- Conditional Discharge

2011 – Racial/Religiously Aggravated Int Harrass/Alarm/Distress- offender called IP insulting name which IP believes is insulting to his ethnic origin and caste- NFA

2013 – Racial/Religiously Aggravated Int Harrass/Alarm/Distress- IP was confronted by the offender who became abusive and used phrases that IP believes were deeply offensive to his caste- NFA