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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How we are working to keep our FOI Requests running during COVID-19

BSL Interpreting (2631_15)


Does your organisation provide BSL interpreting service for Deaf customers/service users/visitors?

o   If yes:

How many hours of BSL interpreting was provided in the last financial year?

In relation to the provisions above, how many separate bookings have been made for BSL interpreting provision during that period?

How much has your organisation spent on BSL interpreting services in the last financial year?  What is the minimum qualification criteria (if any) that your organisation insists the interpreter should have when providing the service? RSLI (Registered Sign Language Interpreter), TSLI (Trainee Sign Language Interpreter) or a person holding BSL NVQ Level 3 or other?

Do you have a contract with a preferred supplier or offer an in-house interpreting service?

If your organisation has a contract with a preferred supplier, then when is that contract up for tender?

If your organisation provides an in-house interpreting service, would you be looking to put out a tender for BSL interpreting in the near future?

o   If no, do you have any plans to provide a BSL interpreting service in the near future?

2.     Do you offer a live online interpreting service on demand?

o   If no, are there any plans to do so?

o   If yes, who is the provider and when is the contract up for tender?

3.     Do you carry out a customer satisfaction survey of the quality of BSL provision provided by your organisation?

o   If yes:

?  How is it done? Via paper survey/questionnaire? BSL clips?

?  What has the outcome been?

o   If no:

?  How do you measure that the BSL interpreting service is of good quality and that your services are accessible to BSL service users/customers/visitors?


Please find attached our response.