Body Recovery (3072/15)


The number of dead bodies that have been recovered by the Operational Support Unit since 2012.

Could you explain to me what an Operational Support Unit is and how it differs from other departments so that I do not misunderstand the data that will be provided


Please find below the number of bodies recovered from water by the Operation Support Unit (OSU) since 2012. The OSU are a uniformed department made up of officers with a wide range of specialist skills. It is the force’s strategic reserve for major and serious incidents. For example, the OSU may be called to attend possible public order incidents (such as demonstrations) or incidents which require difficult searches, such as in water, at heights, in refuse sites, and drains.

2012 : 2
2013 : 3
2014 : 3
2015 : 1*

*As at 31/07/15.


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