Black Friday (204_14)


I am requesting information under the FOI Act on correspondence between the police force and

the following supermarkets with regards to the security put in place and preparations made by the supermarkets to manage Black Friday.

  1. Tesco
  2. Asda
  3. Sainsbury
  4. Morrison


There has been no written correspondence between the supermarkets and the West Midlands Police in regards to security for the Black Friday event. Any meetings and advice given was provided via officer visits. The events themselves were monitored as part of normal policing duties. Therefore there is no information held. However, outside of the act I can provide the information collated by data suppliers from across the LPUs. I have reproduced this below:

In Sandwell officers made contact with supermarkets in order to establish what security preparations they had made. Asda advised that they would be advertising items on the internet for the week prior but without the prices. On the day, ASDA Oldbury would be closing early so that they were able to re-open for the launch of Black Friday. They already had additional security and barriers in place. This was the same for Asda Cape Hill.

In Walsall, Tesco requested contact prior to the event to discuss security arrangements. Officers met with management and security in order to provide advice. This advice was then disseminated to other supermarkets in the area.


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