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Birmingham Pub Bombings (10280_16)


My request relates to the budget set to cover West Midlands Police legal representation for the Birmingham Pub Bombings inquest, including details of funds already spent up to now.

1) What is the total budget allocated by West Midlands Police to meet the legal costs for the entirety of the Birmingham Pub Bombings inquest process, including preparation for any preliminary hearings?

2) Is this total budget funded by the taxpayer? If not please specify which other resources have been used and how much of the total these account for.

3) How much has already been spent on lawyers who will represent West Midlands Police at the Birmingham pub bombings inquest?

4) How many lawyers does West Midlands Police have on the legal team dedicated to working on the Birmingham pub bombings inquest case?

5) Are there any plans to expand this legal team by the time the inquest begins, and if so how many lawyers will the team comprise of at this time?


Please find attached (10280_attachment_01.pdf).