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Autism Awareness (5089_14)


Please kindly confirm what training, if any, Professional Standards staff have received in autism awareness and learning disabilities.

Please confirm if there is rolling training programme in regard to specifically autism awareness and learning disabilities for new recruits and existing staff.

Please confirm how WMP monitor and record training of its PSD staff in relation to when and who has received training in autism awareness and learning disabilities.


In the last 4 years there has been no specific autism training in PSD.  Recently, general awareness training on mental health has been delivered to some members of PSD.

In November 2009, we reviewed Autism awareness training across the force as a result custody training was amended to incorporate this. West Midlands Police are currently delivering Autism Awareness training to new PCSO’s as part of their induction course, and it is being considered for the new PC Student Officer program that is currently being written for new recruits.


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