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Artificial Intelligence (22593_18)


I am writing to request information around your force’s use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning software (collectively ‘AI’).

Could you let me know if your police force currently uses AI in any software or policing work, or whether you are conducting research or exploring using this technology in any way in the future?

If so, could you provide details on its use(s), including

1.Overview: how is/will AI be used and what does it entail (for example, in custodial decisions, for facial recognition and so on)?

2.Do you have more plans for the future?

3.Roll-out: is it currently being used, or are there any dates planned to introduce it?

4. How widespread will the roll-out be Partnerships: are you joining with any public or private sector partners to develop the AI and who are they?

5.Department: which departments are involved in using AI in policing, or overseeing any future research?

6.Technology: what datasets are used to ‘train’ the AI algorithms? How does the algorithm work (for example, random forests)?

7. Results: could you share any data or documents around the results of the work so far (for example, its effectiveness)

8. Any further detail on how AI is to be used in your police force

If FOI requests of a similar nature have already been asked could you please include your responses to those requests.


Please see our response attached.