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Anti-Terrorism Measures (17474//18)


I would like information about the costs to the taxpayer of the so-called tank traps and other physical anti-terrorism measures which were placed around and in Birmingham city centre initially for Christmas 2017 which have remained ever since.

I would like to know:

* the initial cost of the deployment of them to the streets

* the monthly cost of their retention since Christmas 2017 to the present day

* the expected monthly cost of retaining them for the length of time they are expected to be retained

* the expected length of time for which they are expected to be retained

* any expected one-off cost of removing them when that time happens

* from which budget (WMP, Birmingham, National, etc) these costs are being met.


I am writing to inform you that we have searched our records and the information you requested is not held by West Midlands Police.  You may wish to contact Birmingham City Council as they may be able to assist you further:


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