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Air Support Budget (5080_14)


Could you possibly supply me with the following information regarding the West Midlands Police Force and Air Support, under the Freedom Of Information Act.

1) What was your total budget for Air Support for the last complete financial year prior to joining NPAS?

1a) How many flying hours did this cover?

2) What is your total financial contribution to NPAS, for the provision of Air Support, for the current financial year?

2a) How many flying hours are included in this?


1.   The total budget for financial year 2012/13 (last complete year prior to NPAS) – £1,898,800.

1a. The budgeted flying hours for 2012/13 was 1200 hours.

2.  The agreed provision for this financial year for revenue cost is £1,750,000.  In addition to this there is also a capital payment of £310,000 which currently is paid from the capital credit from the transfer of the helicopter.

2a. The budgeted hours for 2014/12 is 1400.


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