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A45 Closure (5948_15)


This FOI request relates to a police check point on A45 Coventry Road on the evening on 25/10/2015 that I passed.

Can you tell me what powers were used to form the check point that allowed West Midlands Police to shut one lane of the two lane road? Please include any justification for this closure. If any formal powers were used such as a traffic regulation order, can you indicate this.

Was this a PACE road check? If so, who authorised it?

If this was part of a bigger operation targeting a car cruise event, can you please provide me a copy of the operational order (without restricted info).


Please find below our response.

The road was closed in parts until about 22:00 hours on 25/10/2015, due to a fatal road traffic collision between a coach and a car. This was obviously a very serious incident with a number of casualties. The road was closed to allow doctors to treat casualties, including the air ambulance, and to allow us to carry out a full forensic investigation of the scene as required by the ACPO Road Death Investigation Manual. We have a legal power to direct traffic in these circumstances.
The incident was highly publicised both on social media, local and national news, please see the following link to one of the many news stories:


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