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How we are working to keep our FOI Requests running during COVID-19

A19 (5497_14)


  1. Since February 2014 – when the London Central Employment Tribunal ruled against five forces who implemented Regulation A19 of the Police Pension Regulations 1987 to compulsorily retire police officers reaching 30 years full pensionable service – has your force received any notice of a claim for compensation from any of its A19d officers? If so, how many claimants were listed? What is the total damages/compensation claimed by those claimants?
  1. When will that claim be decided upon and at which venue please?


Question 1 – As at the date of your request we have received 498 claims

Question 2 – we have no recorded information held at this time. The appeal to the Employment Appeals Tribunal has been listed for March 2015.


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