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Month: January 2021

E-scooters (1059A/20)

Do you have a specific code for reporting on road traffic collisions / incidents please for the Department for Transport (DfT) rentable e-scooter trial in your area,
Do you have a separate code for road traffic incidents for illegal rentable e-scooters please.

PSD and ECU Staff (1028A/20)

1. Please supply the postal address of the WMP PSD and the name of the head of that department that is accountable?
2. At present, how many officers of each of the ranks of Inspector and above work for or are attached to the WMP PSD? That is, how many Inspectors, Chief Inspectors, Superintendents, Chief Superintendents, and above.

Defendants and Victims over 65 (951A/20)

a. Provide me a list of all the crimes recorded where the identified culprit is aged over 65 for 2017,2018,2019 calendar years, with an annual breakdown.

b. The number of such crimes (broken down by year) that resulted in a charge over the same years, with a similar breakdown.

Cameras on A4600 Ansty Road (1039A/20)

I am aware there are speed cameras currently on ansty road past the b&m and have been active since January 2020.

Please can you advise if these have been extended further down the road up to the red lion pub and mount pleasant pub? I have today 10/11/2020 seen cameras there but no signage to state that these are active.