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Month: October 2020

Average Cost of a PC (785A/20)

Can you please give me an idea of what the average cost of a single PC is in your area for 2019/20 year?
This single cost figure should comprise all ancillary costs and include, but not be limited to, salary, pension, national insurance, overtime, equipment, training, accommodation, workspace and buildings costs.

Foreign Registered Vehicles (717A/20)

1) Also, please provide statistics on how many right hand drive vehicles have been investigated for their legitimate export and re-import with a foreign number plates within the Soho Road and Lozells wards.
2) How many vehicles have been assessed for exceeding the 6 month concession for NON-RESIDENT EU nationals the Soho Road and Lozells wards.
3) How many of the above vehicles have actually been seized for non-payment of vehicle tax.