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Month: September 2020

999 & 101 (734A/20)

Subject: Police 999 and 101 services
Time Period: Current Financial Year so far
a) Average call waiting time.

Impact Assessments (22397/19)

1) please can you send me a copy of the current subject access request acknowledgment AND response letter that you use
2) a copy of the last 5 dpias completed
3) a copy of any internal mandatory information governance training that you give to staff which was written in the last 2 years including presentation slides and videos and any other media

Drink/Drug Driving (4651/20)

For ongoing road safety research, could you please provide a monthly breakdown from January 2017 to December 2019 on those arrested and subsequently charged (and ideally conviction rates also) with:
1) Excess alcohol – Contrary to section 5 RTA 1988
2) Drug driving – Contrary to section 5A RTA 1988

Apprentice Levy (4611/20)

2. From that levy you had paid / put aside, what has that money been spent on?
3. How much unspent money of this levy has the force been losing to HMIC per year, over the past three years, rather than being able to spend it on training?
4. How much of that levy money is the force planning to spend on PEQF, if any?

Custody Healthcare Contract (4250/20)

Please can you provide the following information for your custody healthcare contract:

1. The name of the current incumbent service provider
2. The vehicle/portal that you will use to procure this opportunity in the future (e.g. Bluelight)

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