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Month: June 2020

Uniform Issued (342A/20)

Please can you provide a list of uniform, equipment and PPE issued to newly joining and transferring Police officers

Vehicle Theft (319A/20)

Please could you list all the ‘theft from vehicle’, ‘Theft or unauthorised taking of motor vehicle’, ‘Criminal damage to a vehicle’ and ‘Motor Vehicle Interference’ incidents that were reported between March 23rd, 2020 and June 1st, 2020

Domestic Violence (99A/20)

I would like to know the number of crimes categorised as domestic violence which have been recorded since the start of the coronavirus lockdown, March 23, 2020 to date please.

If the figures could be categorised in terms of gender of victim and attacker and also police outcome that would be great.

Coronavirus – Incidents and Crimes (92A/20)

1) How many crimes, or relevant notifiable incidents (e.g. Resist arrest), with a Police Officer or Police Staff (e.g. detention officer/PCSO etc) as a victim, have been recorded with an aggravating factor (e.g. suggested COVID:19 illness factor in assault) of COVID:19 between January 2020 and the current date?

Fox Hunting (84A/20)

For each year from 1st January 2015:

Would it be possible for you to conduct a search at West Midlands Police, searching for key words ‘fox’, ‘trail’ and ‘hunt’ under the result codes ‘Wildlife’ and ‘Highway disruption’ for the following:

Incidents of hunts and/or their hounds causing disruption to road users and traffic, including the date, location, description of the incident and any action taken in response by West Midlands Police. This might include the injury/death of hounds, hounds chasing animals across the road, or the build-up of traffic due to the hunt’s presence.

Local Government Pension Scheme (79A/20)

1) HR Manager/Reward and Benefits Manager’s name and email address?
2) Number of Authority staff who are a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)?
3) Number of LGPS members who have an Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) set up.
4) For the LGPS members who have an AVC set up, the total amount of AVCs made in the last month.
5) Do the Authority offer an AVC through salary sacrifice to LGPS members?

Deliveroo Crimes (74A/20)

1) In the 2019 calendar year how many crimes were logged by your force where Deliveroo was recorded as being an element in the offence. [Note: I would hope that this could be achieved by a computer search on the MO of crimes for the word/s ‘deliveroo’, ‘deliver roo’.]

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