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Year: 2019

ATM crimes (20110/18)

The number of offences recorded using an ATM special interest marker and where an ATM is the object of crime for the financial years 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 and 01 April – 17 October 2018, broken down by the offence and the number of cases that resulted in a charge.

Police Misconduct (18910/18)

I would like to know how many charges were brought against officers after they were found to have committed gross misconduct of a sexual nature by an officer misconduct hearing in the last three years, from the point of reply to this email.

Crimes in care homes (18101/18)

The number of crimes recorded with a primary location of ‘care home’ over the last three calendar years (January 2016 – September 2018), broken down by year, the age and gender of the victim, and the number of cases that resulted in an outcome of Charge.

Weapons in Schools (17469/18)

For the last 3 full calendar years (2015/16/17) and 2018 up to the date of your request:

The number of weapons offences where the primary location description is ‘educational’ focusing on schools and colleges – pupils aged 18 and under.