Operations Staff (18354/18)

With regards to your Operations department please provide the following information, how many of your operational officers in the Firearms Unit / The Operational Support Unit and The Dog Unit are:
1) Female
2) BME
3) Transgender (at any stage)
4) Disabled (registered or otherwise) Read more

Sex Offences (19073_18)

For each of the following calendar years a) 2014, b) 2015, c) 2016, d) 2017 and e) 2018 so far, please state:

1. The total number of sexual offences recorded.
2. Of those in Q1, the total number of sexual offences marked with a disability hate crime flag.
3. Of those in Q2, if possible within the time limits, please can you manually review each case to identify how many of these sexual offences involved a victim with a learning disability? (If it is not possible to review each year, please start with 2018 and proceed backwards).
Read more