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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How we are working to keep our FOI Requests running during COVID-19

Month: October 2018

Abortion Clinics (17658_18)

Please could you provide me with the number of times that the Police were called to any abortion clinics, or facilities in which they conduct abortions, in your area in the last two full years and this year to date please?

I would like to receive this via email in a Microsoft Excel document please.

Disability Hate Crimes (17457_18)

1. How many disability hate crimes have been recorded by your police force for the last two financial years – 2016/17 and 2017/18?
2. Please provide a breakdown of recorded disability hate crime for each year by offence category (ie public order offences/violence against the person)
3. How many incidents of disability hate crime were recorded as taking place online?

Sexting (16964_18)

Please state the number of offences recorded of sexting, that is offences under Section 1 of the Protection of Children Act 1978 or Section 160 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988, recorded by your force in each of the following calendar years.