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Month: October 2018

Cannabis Misconduct (17659/18)

Please could you provide me with any data that you hold on the number of police officers that have any convictions relating to the possession or sale of Cannabis or have received a disciplinary from the force for any Cannabis related offence in your area.

Gross Misconduct (17253/18)

I would like to know how many of your police officers have being found to have ‘committed gross misconduct’ by an Officer Misconduct Hearing due to, or involving, a sexual misconduct, in the last 3 years, from the date of reply.

Brexit Planning (16650_18)

Please consider this request under the FOI Act for information generated after 1st April 2017 on the following topics:

– Any planning by the force for a no deal Brexit.
– Any planning by the force for other Brexit scenarios.
– Any planning for the period immediately before and after Brexit day itself (29th March 2019).