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How we are working to keep our FOI Requests running during COVID-19

Month: October 2018

Fraud Investigator (17015_18)

1. How many specialist fraud and cyber-crime investigators does the force have?
2. Has the number investigators increased or decreased over the past two years?
3. If so, how has the number changed in each of the past two years?

Number of Theft Offences (11984/18)

1.The number of theft offences
2.The number of thefts where category description of the stolen property is ‘Telecoms’ or ‘Computer’
3. The number of thefts described in question 2, where the keywords ‘scooter’ or ‘moped’ are contained in the MO Notes (brief description).

Abnormal Loads (18097_18)

Please provide the following information, for your jurisdiction, with regard to Police Escorting of Abnormal Indivisible Loads (AIL) as described by The Road Vehicles (Authorisation of Special Types) (General) Order 2003.

1. How many abnormal load notifications were received between April 2017 ¿ April 2018?
2. How many AIL police escorts were undertaken between April 2017 ¿ April 2018?
3. What is the total invoiced amount for these escorts?
4. What is the total amount which remains unpaid for the escorts?
5. Out of the total amount unpaid how much has been `written off¿ as bad debt?

Court Letters (14558_18)

Can you tell me on how many occasions West Midlands Police has written to the criminal courts requesting the address of a police officer – when appearing as a defendant in court – be prohibited from being read out in open court, for reasons of security, in the last three years – dating back from the month of the latest such occasion in which such a letter was sent?