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Month: September 2018

Private Security (14985/18)

Does West Midlands Police have a policy regarding private security firms deploying staff in a uniform that closely resembles that of police officers, if so is a policy publicly available, and if not is a policy being prepared, and if there are no plans for a policy why having no policy is appropriate.

Algorithms (14557/18)

Is your police force currently using any algorithmic risk-assessment tools to make predictions relating to individuals?

Sexual Offences (14924_18)

Within the cost limit we could the conduct a keyword search in the MO notes for all sexual offences, for 2007, 2012 and 2017. however you would need to stipulate the words to be searched for i.e. `XBOX¿ `PLAYSTATION’ etc

Yes, I’d be happy for you to conduct a keyword search of all sexual offences using the words:

‘Call of Duty’

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