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Month: August 2018

Brexit Crimes (7800/18)

Please can you provide details of the number of offences that you have recorded where the word “Brexit” is cited in the crime report or description of the offence. I would be grateful if you could break down the types of offences. Please could you search the data set and provide the information since June 23, 2016 – the date of the EU referendum.

Complaints (5752/18)

I would like to know the average time it has taken to respond to a complaint against your force during the last 3 years. By respond to, I mean the point a complaint can be escalated to the IPCC.

Predictive Policing (10798_18)

Whether the force is currently using / trialing predictive technologies in active policing (as opposed to for administration, for example). Please let me know the name of the provider / system that is being used if so (e.g. Harm Assessment Risk Tool), and the reason for use (e.g. to help carry out risk assessments on individuals).

Cuckooing (11400_18)

How do you collect data on the number of suspected or proven incidents of cuckooing in your area? Do you use markers or only collect when a crime is reported or prosecuted? When did you begin collecting this information?

LAN Contract (11250/18)

Can I please make a request under the Freedom of Information Act and I would like to request the following information about the organisation’s Local Area Network (LAN) environment.