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Month: March 2018

Custody Deaths (2844_18)

, I am looking for information regarding deaths in Custody and other Police Holdings. In particular we are looking for information regarding the following since 2010.

¿ Number of deaths and/or injury caused by self harm
¿ Number of deaths and/or injury caused by stabbing between detainees
¿ Number of deaths and/or injury caused by stabbing between detainees on staff members

Ecstasy Crimes (3134_18)

– The number of ecstasy/MDMA-related crimes from yearly from 2010-2017. I would also like the number of crimes to be broken down by sex, if possible. I would like this information in calendar years.

Bus Crime (657_18)

Could you please tell me how many crimes West Midlands Police have been called out to from 2014 until the present, where the location of the offence is listed as a bus?
Please could you tell us the dates of the offences, the locations, the type of crime committed and the outcome?
Where possible could you also tell us the bus service number (if this information is kept on your log).

DV Training (2675_18)

Please can you also tell me how much funding the police service has either received from the government for training to deal with domestic violence victims or to spot domestic violence, or how much funding the service has used from its own funds for the same training?

GPS Tags (2275_18)

Do West Midlands Police deploy GPS tags to manage offenders in your IOM programme

If so how many tags do West Mids currently have
How many are currently deployed ( presuming that not all that are owned/leased are deployed
Were these commissioned through a transparent procurement process
When does the contract for their deployment come up for renewal
Who are the suppliers.

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