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Year: 2017

Crimes 2012-2016 (11217_17)

Crimes recorded between 2012-2016 for a) Burglary in a dwelling, b) Robbery of personal property, c) Theft of motor vehicles, d) Actual bodily harm, e) Grievous bodily harm, f) Rape, g) Other sexual offences (include all sexual offences except rape)

PC to Sgt Promotions (11837/17)

Can I please ask you the pass and fail rate for candidates 40 and over in the whole process and the pass and fail rate for candidates aged 39 and under in the whole process.

Officer Deaths (12607_17)

The total number of police officers that died in the West Midlands, broken down by the following police services, circumstances, and dates:

1 4 5 6 7 8 62