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Month: August 2017

Police Vehicles (8858_17)

From 25 July 2015 until 21.07.2017(inclusive) Accidents involving West Midlands Police, whilst involved in pursuits or attending emergency incidents where the blue lights have been activated or when attending any incidents and whether any injuries were involved

Sex Offences (8995_17)

1) For each of the past five years (including 2017 to date), how many rapes and sexual assaults were reported to the force.
2) For each of those past five years (including 2017 to date), how many reported rapes and sexual assaults resulted in a charge

Domestic Violence (8838_17)

I would like to know how many men and women in same sex relationships were victims of domestic violence (inflicted by their partners) in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 (so far)?
If possible, I would also like to know the ages and sexes of each victim.

Pokemon Crimes (8438_17)

The number of crimes has your force recorded between 13/7/16 and 13/7/17 where the crime report contains the word “Pokemon” (non upper-case specific)

Please could you give me the following additional information for each recorded crime:

A summary of the crime report including the circumstances in which the alleged offence(s) were committed – please specify the offence(s) recorded

The gender of and alleged victim(s) – please exclude this part of my FoI request if it you conclude it would risk identifying any individuals);

What the result of the investigation was, for example a charge or caution etc.