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Month: February 2017

Taxi Drivers (787_17)

Please can I request the following information for each of the calendar years 2006-2016:

1. The count of all assault offences where the victim’s occupation was recorded as “taxi” or “mini cab driver”.
(A) the offence title (e.g. assault occasion ABH).
(B) The recorded ethnicity of the victim and offender.

Non Recent Sex Offences (771_17)

How many recorded crimes have there been of non-recent sex offences against under 18s over the last three financial years (2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16)? Non-recent is defined as when the offence is alleged to have occurred more than a year before it was reported.

What were the outcomes of these recorded offences?

Police Resignations (357/17)

A year by year breakdown of the number of Police Officer resignations in each financial year from 2011/2012 to the most recently recorded date, along with a breakdown of the reasons for resigning.

Prison Riot (788/17)

What reimbursement West Midlands Police will receive for the deployment of officers to assist in containing the disturbance at HM Prison Birmingham on 16 / 17 December 2016?

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