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How we are working to keep our FOI Requests running during COVID-19

Year: 2016

Social Media Crimes (12482_16)

Facebook’, ‘’, ‘BBM’, ‘Chatroulette’, ‘DeviantArt’, ‘Google+’, ‘FMyLife’, ‘Instagram’, ‘Kik’, ‘Snapchat’, ‘Youtube’, ‘MeetMe’, ‘Skype’, ‘Twitter’ and ‘WhatsApp’

Harassment and Sex Offences (12308_16)

Can you please give me the information on how many harassment and sex offence cases there have been on female aged 18-22 whose occupation is Student, committed between September 2011 to October 2016, brokn down by month and year and whether these reports were followed up.

Crowd Funding (12732_16)

I would like to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act for the following information –
* Since the online crowdfunding website GoFundMe started in May 2010 how many complaints has your force received alleging that a fund set up to raise money is fraudulent. Can these be broken down by which year they were received.

Length of Bail (12137_16)

Within the last five calendar years what was the longest three individual cases someone was on bail for a serious and violent crime? (by that I mean all violence against the person, sexual offences, and robbery). By longest I mean length of time a person was on bail.

Call Handlers (12012_16)

Please tell me when a person / caller dials 999 police Emergency Call using a mobile phone, it goes to a central emergency phone call centre and then the mobile phone number is announced whilst the call is transferred to the geographically closest police Force Control Room. At the Force Control Room do the Call Handlers have a tracking system which tells them who the mobile phone number is registered to and their address? Approximately how much time does it take for Call Handler to source this information?